Battlelords 1.2 Freeware


...anything you need to play Battlelords 1.2 directly from this download page.

Battlelords Installer for Windows batlords.exe (1.520 Kb) Battlelords 1.24 for
Windows 9x installer
Patch any 1.2 version to 1.24 patch124.exe (253 Kb)
Update any 1.2 version to 1.24 (selfextracting)
Download additional Scenarios (76 Kb)
Additional scenarios (extract to your batlords directory)



Please note that Battlelords, like many of the classic DOS based programs, does currently not natively support WinXP or 2000.

It is however possible to run the program in one of the various DOS emulators that are available also as freeware. For example, visit the website of DOSBox at its open source home

Work on a Java port of the game is on-going and we hope to be able to provide a playable version in the future.

Battlelords is Freeware. If you do however wish to donate an amount no matter how small, please use PayPal.

Thank you for supporting Freeware!
Horizont Entertainment