Battlelords 1.2 Freeware

More Scenarios...

...for you to explore and conquer! More territories, more versatile landscape, more specialized units!

Scenario 2: The Ocean Scenario 4: The Mountains
Scenario 3: The Desert
Scenario 6: The Shipyard
Scenario 5: The Swampland
Scenario 7: The Capital





To view a brief overview off each available extra scenario, please click on the minimaps.

Please note that, while you may play each scenario independently, not every unit will be available in each scenario to ensure gameplay balance.

Details on included units are also stated in the overviews.

Due to the small filesize, we are providing all additional scenarios in one single file, rather than each one individual, even though they were initially released as stand-alone add-ons to the game.

Simply download our scenpack and extract it into the batlords directory and the will automatically recognize them.


Horizont Entertainment